Computer Science in Plain English

About This Site

Hi there! My name is Peter and am a computer scientist. I have a passion for learning and am constantly trying to learn new things. After acquiring such knowledge, I love passing it on so that it can benefit others.

This site aims to focus on a complicated topic and distill the information into short articles. The articles will hopefully can be understood anyone, even those without a computer background.

Thanks for visiting my corner of the web and I hope you are able to find something useful, or at least entertaining.

Supporting Characters

Some of these topics are rather involved and are difficult to explain. Fortunately, I have some friends who will be helping me. I'll let them introduce themselves:

Hiya! My name is “Lil' Lefty.” Oh? You're learning about computer science as well? What a coincidence, so am I! You'll find me in most articles; I'm a tour guide of sorts. I'm still learning and am by no means an expert, but I'll help to introduce the topic. See you around!

Greetings and salutations! I am Norby, the robot. I possess knowledge about most everything, especially computers. I will assist Little Lefty in introducing articles. I will also help to annotate sections with helpful information.


Generally, I research and write about whatever I'm interested. As I tend to be easily distracted these articles are constructed in a rather random order. In an effort to bring some order to the chaos, each article has been assigned a category. These may (and probably will) continue to evolve, but currently the categories are:


I know this is random, but if you are looking for a mezzo soprano, check out my sister, Natalie Naudus. Plus, I made the website! ;)